Everyone Thinks Adele Secretly Got Married Because of One Suspicious Photo

Simon Burchell/Splash News

Back in October when Adele (supposedly) got secretly engaged to her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, we were excited, of course, but also kind of shocked that she wouldn't tell us. You know what we mean? To make matters worse, all of those emotions were amplified by two hundred when Adele recently stepped out wearing what looks like a wedding band -- did she get secretly married without us?


Neither Adele nor Simon have spoken up (or Instagrammed) about it, but here are the photos the paparazzi snapped of a verrrrry conspicuous band on her ring finger:

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(And if you need it, the Sun managed to give us a close-up view of the evidence.)

A ring on her left hand would make sense if Adele were engaged, but this is definitely a new ring -- it's a lot less diamond-y than the one she's been wearing (which we all assumed was an engagement ring).

Also, it's probably worth noting that back in November when all the gossip mags were reporting that she got engaged, they were also saying she was planning a Christmas wedding. We were skeptical then that it'd happen so quickly, but ... that looks like a wedding ring, no?

Adele and Simon have a 4-year-old son, Angelo, and Simon supposedly has a 9-year-old daughter from a previous marriage as well. So it would make sense that they'd want to do it while the kids are out of school ... this is making more and more sense, right?

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Half of our brain is yelling "OMG, HOW COULD SHE," and the other half is popping champagne. As personally affronted as we may be, this is major news. If the rumors really are true, we're offering only our most heartfelt congratulations to the family -- they deserve it.

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