Kim Kardashian Drops Another Hint That She's Headed Toward Divorce

kim kardashian
Neil Warner/Splash News

What on earth is going on? The world rejoiced on Tuesday when Kim Kardashian returned to social media with a sweet family photo and an even sweeter video compilation of her, Kanye West, and their adorable children, North and Saint. But before she made her foray back into the spotlight, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star did something bizarre: Kim dropped the West from her last name on her social media accounts.  


Kim has now added the West back to her name, but before she posted the photo and video, she changed her name to Kim Kardashian -- from Kim Kardashian West -- on Twitter and Instagram. What does it mean?!

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Some are theorizing that, after her Paris robbery and Kanye's hospitalization, Kim is trying to rebrand herself. She wants to just be "Kim Kardashian" again. On the same token, people also think that she wants to just be "Kim Kardashian" again because Blac Chyna is trying to trademark the Kardashian name. Others think that it's not a good sign and it means that a divorce for Kim and Kanye is on the horizon. That doesn't make too much sense, though, given the sweet photo and video Kim posted. 

If there's one certainty in life it's that the Kardashians' behavior -- Kim's especially -- doesn't always make sense. There's obviously a reason Kim temporarily took the West off of her name, but it's doubtful we'll ever find out. 

At this point, it looks like we should all operate under the assumption that Kim and Kanye are rock solid and there's absolutely no split in the future for them. Come on now, people, you don't go posting a touching montage of someone if you're ready to say goodbye to them. 

Or do you ... ?

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