3 Easy Weight Loss Tips From Jennifer Hudson & Jessica Simpson's Wellness Guru

Courtesy of Liz Josefsberg

We've watched celebrities Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson not only transform their figures over the years, but also continue to look fit and fabulous well after reaching their post-baby weight loss goals. Want to know their secrets? So do we! Fortunately, health, wellness, and weight-loss expert Liz Josefsberg, who was instrumental in both their metamorphoses, is sharing the strategies that help keep her clients looking amazing.   


In the industry for more than 15 years, this mom of two successfully lost 65 lbs and has kept them off for more than eight years. In other words, she's practicing what she preaches!

Considered one of the best weight-loss coaches in the world, Josefsberg -- the director of brand advocacy and a leader for Weight Watchers -- tells CafeMom that she takes a holistic five-point approach by focusing on not only nutrition, but also exercise, stress, sleep, and hydration. 

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She notes that while both Hudson and Simpson use Weight Watchers (both were also once spokespeople, as well), each star works the program differently and tailors it to fit her individual taste and lifestyles, which is crucial to long-lasting success.

"They both use Weight Watchers for structure but they're doing totally different workouts and doing different things for stress release," says Josefsberg, who adds that the key is figuring out what you can do that is sustainable for the long haul. "One might love spinning while another enjoys kick boxing; you have to find what works for you. Never giving up what you love is huge."  

Another important point to keep in mind is that when we see celebrities who've taken off weight pop up in the media, we're inclined to believe theirs were overnight successes. Well, it turns out there's no such thing, Josefsberg says.  

"They were working hard that whole time," she explains. "They weren't being perfect either. That's a huge misconception -- that they don't have things they love, like pizza and ice cream. They're not perfect, but they're consistent."

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As an example, Josefsberg says Hudson is often given boxes of chocolates by fans. Rather than overindulging, the American Idol alum enjoys one piece and then shares the rest with her crew. 

In addition to that secret, the weight-loss guru shares other everyday sage advice, which often works for her famous (and not-so-famous) clients: 

1. Build up new behaviors.

We're all creatures of habit, so Josefsberg says the trick is to establish good ones that you enjoy -- and then reap the benefits.  

"Find four or five good, healthy breakfast foods that you like, then keep them stocked so you're going to wake up and make a good decision," she says. "It takes a little bit of planning and forethought, but it'll prevent you from being unprepared and making an unhealthy choice."

When it comes to exercise, find what works for you and then fit it into your schedule. 

"Prepare for it. If you need a babysitter, book one. If you need new sneakers, get them. Then start to go once a week so that it becomes a habit and suddenly you couldn't imagine your Tuesday morning without your spin class. Then, you're ready to add in another day," she says.

2. Technology is your friend.

The weight loss expert says the support for those wishing to lose weight or just stay in shape has never been greater thanks to technology. 

"I believe technology can turn the whole obesity thing around," Josefsberg says. "We're seeing things now that five years ago I never would've dreamed were possible. There are support groups on Facebook and Instagram. You can Skype an exercise class or stream it on demand. Instead of going grocery shopping, you can order online and spend those two hours a week in the gym. Or, order from Blue Apron or Hello Fresh and have healthy meals delivered right to your door. You don't even need to shop or chop."

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Speaking of technology bringing trainers right into your home, Josefsberg has partnered with My Quest, which includes ongoing online guidance from Liz; more than 40 exclusive videos, filmed and produced by Liz; downloadable content including recipes, worksheets, tips, and ideas; as well as access to others within the Quest community, so you don't feel alone on your weight loss journey. 

The weight loss coach is so convinced it'll get you on the path to looking (and feeling) as good as her famous clientele, she's offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.

"It's a systematic examination of your behavior. Are you getting up and exercising three times a week? Are you going to bed and sleeping seven hours? Are you drinking enough water? What are you trying for stress relief? Are you using technology to help you? Over time, you can change your behavior and build in news triggers," she says.

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The coach additionally recommends that clients also use their devices to set alarms to remind themselves to hydrate. If you know you're going to get busy and forget to drink as much water as you should, send yourself a calendar invitation. Once it's scheduled into your day, you have no more excuses! 

"I train my clients to keep a water bottle on their desks and the first thing they do before they even sit down is fill it up," she says. "It's all about triggering new behavior." 

3. Recognize what trips you up.

If stress triggers you to eat, find a way to relieve those feelings that doesn't involve food -- or alcohol, which can also add to your waistline. Josefsberg jokes that she folds laundry, which she finds soothing (come to my house, Liz, please!), when she's tempted to reach for a glass of wine before dinner. By keeping bottles off the bar and out of sight, her temptation diminishes. Similarly, if passing by your favorite coffee shop will cause you to pull into the drive-through and grab a donut and a caramel latte, find a different route, she suggests. Change your behavior to remove temptation.
Also, beware of marketing tactics that we all have a tendency to fall prey to -- especially in those vulnerable moments. Josefsberg jokes that it's no wonder Macy's has been selling Godiva chocolate bars at the cash register in the lingerie section.
"I've just seen myself naked, I want to cry, of course I want to eat chocolate," she says. 

Food is everywhere, Josefsberg says; you see it and you want to eat it when you're not even hungry. Realize it for what it is -- a capitalist society trying to profit from our taste buds at every turn. 

"Lack of knowledge is not the problem," she notes. "I've never met a client who didn't know which was better for them, a candy bar or an apple."

Rather, it's all about triggering new and better behavior and avoiding those potential pitfalls that get you every time. 

If becoming your healthiest, fittest self was on your 2017 agenda, these tips are a great place to start. And if there's the potential to look like Hudson or Simpson, we're all in! 

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