Josh Duggar Is Selling Cars to Make Ends Meet for His Family


Talk about a fall from the spotlight! It's been nearly two years since his first sex scandal made headlines, but what has Josh Duggar been up to these days? It's not appearing on his family's reality TV show, that's for sure.


While Josh's wife Anna welcomed him back into their home, TLC was a bit wiser and figured that the rest of America wouldn't be on the same page, and there's no plan for him to make an appearance on Counting On. Instead, the father of four has been staying out of the limelight and selling cars to make a living.

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Josh was forced to resign from his high-profile job as a pro–traditional marriage lobbyist for the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, after his multiple sex scandals in 2015. First it was revealed that he molested five underage girls, including four of his own sisters, as a teen, and then he got caught cheating on his beautiful wife Anna with the notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison.

After spending seven months in an intensive Christian rehab facility, he moved back to the Duggar compound in Arkansas, where he's been flying mostly under the radar ever since. A source revealed to Radar Online, "Josh and Anna spend most of their time at home when Josh isn't selling cars."

Aww, that's sweet they're bonding. Actually we like to picture Josh waiting hand and foot on Anna to atone for being such an ungrateful wretch and treating her so terribly. And doting on his four children, because let's face it -- they didn't do anything wrong and they deserve a daddy.

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The insider also commented on the show, saying, "The family has been busy filming [Counting On]," but that Josh "is not going to be featured." Thank goodness for that. Don't worry about his ability to put a roof over his family's head, either. We're sure Anna is pocketing some cash for her role on the show, plus Josh is apparently becoming more lucrative in automobile sales.

According to the source, "Josh is of course selling cars, but he's getting back into selling limos again too, and he made some money on one limo sale."

At least he's making himself useful. 

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