Nick Viall Gets Real About Doing 'Fiancé-Type Stuff' With Andi Dorfman


Whether you're Team Love Him or Team Could Live Without Him, Nick Viall is baaaack next week. The Bachelor franchise veteran, who has now starred in two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, is hoping that the fourth time (oof!) is the charm for him. But before he gets his shot at passing out the roses, it seems like Viall's looking to clear the air, particularly around how he confronted Andi Dorfman on After the Final Rose about their time in the Fantasy Suite.


Even though it was a couple of years ago now, plenty of Bachelor Nation still has a lot of opinions around Nick asking Andi on the reunion special about the "fiancé-type stuff" the two engaged in behind the scenes.

But now, Nick's seemingly defending his past actions, like having sex (cough, like he did with Kaitlin well before the overnights) and/or talking about it on the show. Sounds like it was those experiences that led him to "encouraging" openness and honesty during this upcoming season.

"I wanted every relationship to feel like a mutual relationship and that we were on the same playing field and that we were both just as empowered as the other person," he told People. "I wanted to have an authentic relationship, and that was something that was very important to me throughout the entire season."

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To the new Bachelor, being on a mission to find a life partner means being candid. As he explained to People:

When you're going to consider spending the rest of your life with someone, you need to have some pretty transparent conversations. If you're taking it seriously, you have to be willing to have those conversations and be open about it. You can't have a watered down version of the real world, especially if you're considering proposing .... For better or worse, I say what I'm thinking or say what other people are thinking and might be afraid to say. I think you can take things seriously and still have fun. I think that offers a more realistic setting.

Fair enough! Here's hoping the superhonest sweetie finds his true love once and for all. At this point, we can all agree that he more than deserves it.

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