Serena Williams Announces Engagement With a Literal Poem About the Proposal

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Finally, some good news in a terrible, terrible year: Tennis great and role model extraordinaire Serena Williams announced on December 29 that she's engaged to her boyfriend (or, er, fiancé), Alexis Ohanian. She shared the news via a super-sweet mini poem posted on Reddit, and that, for the record, is extra cute because Alexis cofounded Reddit. It definitely has to be a place that's really special to him.


Here's the poem and image Serena posted. We're not sure if we're swooning over the words themselves or the romantic story they tell, but either way, we love it.

Comment from discussion I said yes.

I said yes from isaidyes

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Alexis (whose username is kn0thing, if you were wondering about what "Future Mrs. Kn0thing" means) commented on the post and dear God, it's adorable:

Comment from discussion I said yes.

And then, because this is a social media–savvy couple, Alexis also posted the news on his Facebook page:

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Can you imagine? Rome, where they first met? Horse-drawn carriage? Candlelight? Old Italian guy playing the accordion softly in the background? Now we're just making stuff up, but still. Romantic.

Alexis and Serena have kept their relationship fairly private (though Alexis couldn't keep his support for Serena under wraps during all her major tennis matches this year and you betcha that was extremely cute to watch), but they've been dating since October 2015 at least (that's when the tabloids caught on).

Clearly, Serena and Alexis are the real deal. The two have seemed super happy together since the beginning, and this proposal story is enough to convince us they're perfect for each other.

Congratulations to the couple!

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