Rob Kardashian Rushed to the Hospital -- What We Know So Far

JENY/Splash News

We can all agree that 2016 has been a bad year, and here's an awful, scary reminder that it's not over yet: Rob Kardashian checked into a hospital late Wednesday evening, and Kris Jenner and Blac Chyna rushed over to be with him, according to TMZ. As far as we know, he's still there, and the fact that his family is heading over to be with him is kind of scaring us.


TMZ's source says that Rob actually drove himself to the ER and checked himself in. As of early Thursday morning, they're reporting that Rob's diabetes flared up due to stress -- apparently, his relationship with Blac Chyna led him to eat excessively, and that led to his losing control over his diabetes. The doctors are still trying to get him stabilized.

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Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble went to the hospital late Wednesday evening, and have apparently been there all night. Blac Chyna showed up around the same time instead of with Rob. The two haven't been living together, so that'd be why he drove himself and Chyna showed up later. We're glad he had the foresight to realize he needed help and take himself to the ER -- we don't even want to think about what could have happened otherwise.

On a somewhat more optimistic note, it says a lot that Chyna showed up to be with Rob, despite everything they're going through right now. It has to be a scary time for both of them, but we're glad he'll have her there.

Still, we're really worried for Rob and the whole Kardashian family. All of our thoughts go out to them right now, and we're hoping Rob will be okay.

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