Khloe Kardashian's 'Perfect Kardashian Sister' Is Missing Something

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Wait, doesn't she already exist? On Wednesday, Khloe Kardashian took to her app to "build the perect Kardashian sister." Taking facial features from each of her famously gorgeous sisters, Khloe designed what she thinks would be the most stunning Kardashian of all. Weirdly, though, she didn't include herself in the mix!


In the post (via Us Weekly), Khloe wrote that she thinks "Kylie has great eyes and eyebrows," so she'd start there. She then said she'd included Kendall's "super cute nose," but added that "Kendall hates it, though, which I think is crazy." As far as the rest of the ideal Kardashian goes, she'd go with Kim's mouth and hair, and Kourtney's face shape. "I think Kourt has a really good chin," the Strong Looks Better Naked author wrote. "Her jawline -- I like that whole thing."

More from CafeMom:

Khloe of course was just doing this for fun, but at the same time, it's a little bit crazy to attempt to "build the perfect Kardashian sister" when they're all already so stunning. Each of the girls' features work with their particular face, so they're all "perfect" in their own way. 

Oddly, Khloe only attempted to create someone from the face up, and didn't get into body parts -- because if she did, you know she would have had to choose her own ample booty. 

You're gorgeous, girls. All of you. Please don't change a thing.

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