Prince Harry Reportedly Has No Interest in Meeting Meghan Markle's Family

Mirrorpix / Splash News; Rick Davis / Splash News

Meeting your new partner's parents can be nerve-racking but it's usually par for the course if your relationship is getting serious. But, reportedly, despite their burgeoning romance, Prince Harry is not interested in meeting Meghan Markle's family and, naturally, the Suits actress is fuming. 



Yikes! And things seemed to be going so well for the pair, who spent the time together just before Christmas selecting a tree and seeing a show in London's West End.

While there, the 35-year-old is said to have met Harry's brother Prince William and his family, including Princess Kate, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.  

Sure, that had to be amazing for Markle, but now it sounds like it's high time for Harry to meet her relatives, right? 

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Yet, according to what an insider told Radar Online, the prince is dodging any possible meet-and-greets with Markle's family. Ouch! Supposedly, Harry's staff fills up his calendar so he has plenty of other "obligations" that prevent him from paying Meghan's mom or dad a visit. 

It seems almost like an unwritten rule that once you meet the parents, there's no turning back, and we know Harry has been a long-time bachelor, so maybe he's not ready to make that leap just yet. 

Still, we don't blame the actress for being unhappy about this. Reportedly, Markle took time to memorize the proper protocol involved in meeting the royals. With that in mind, it seems like meeting her family is the least the prince could do. 

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Harry has no problem traveling the world, so when he's ready, we're sure he'll make it happen. Still, Markle has endured plenty of gossip and prying eyes as a result of dating the prince, so she probably wants to know that this relationship is moving in the right direction. Can't blame a gal for that!

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