Jessa Duggar Shares Video of Spurgeon Singing & Dancing -- OMG


It is with 100 percent seriousness and zero percent exaggeration that we say Spurgeon Seewald is the cutest kid to ever be put onto this planet. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have something seriously special with this kid, and they continue to do right by us by posting videos of him on Instagram. The latest iteration of this features Spurgeon singing and dancing and there are actually no words for how perfect this kid is.


In her video, Jessa starts singing the song "If You're Happy and You Know It," and clearly, Spurge knows it well. He has some serious musical chops and he starts clapping and singing along right away.

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Spurgeon is just over a year old now and there's still so much joy in his little personality. It's awesome to see, and we're sure it's something that'll stick with him through his life.

We're also sure his cuteness will stick with him. How could it not? But we guess he's gonna have competition as the cutest Seewald kid soon -- Jessa and Ben are due to have another baby in February 2017. Since the new baby will have pretty much the same genes as Spurge, we're sure he or she will be just as perfect, too.

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