Jennifer Lopez & Drake Get Cozy for Instagram -- & We Hope This Means 1 Thing

Drake with Jennifer Lopez

If the saying "where there's smoke, there's fire" is true, then this has the potential to be HOT, HOT, HOT! Drake and J.Lo have been making sirens go off as many fans and news outlets believe the musicians have a budding romance. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, this photo of Drake snuggling with Jennifer Lopez on a couch could be the writing on the wall to confirm (we're hoping, at least!) that they're dating.


Both J.Lo and Drake posted the intimate photo below on Instagram just hours ago on December 28, which adds continued fuel to the rumor mill that they're an item. 

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Hmm. Maybe they're just friends -- or maybe Jen sneezed from being cold and Drake gave her a bear hug as he whispered "God bless you" in her ear.

It could happen ... riight?

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Drake was spotted attending two of J.Lo's Vegas shows this month and invited her to a private dinner party he hosted on December 19, from which the maybe-couple left in the same car, according to Billboard. And with E! News reporting Rihanna allegedly unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram over the holidays (remember, the two were once cool, as RiRi gifted J.Lo her boots to wear in the music video "Ain't Your Mama"), it's starting to get harder to assume Jennifer Lopez and Drake are not an item.

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Who the hell am I kidding -- I hope this adorable pic means what we all think it means. I'm a fan of J.Lo and enjoy Drake's music and think "Jrake" (or "Dralo") would make a cute couple. 

These two seem to be smitten with each other and haven't shied away from sharing photos of each other on Instagram. Exhibit A: This super cute selfie.

� <-------- Lotta those

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Both stars are single (J.Lo reportedly dumped Casper Smart this summer because he cheated, and Drake and Rihanna are off again even after the Canadian rapper professed his love to RiRi at the 2016 MTV VMAs), so there technically isn't an issue.

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Who knows if these two will go the distance or if they'll just make sweet music together (there's word that Jennifer Lopez and Drake are working on a project) and call it a day. 

Should they happen to be an item, we certainly aren't mad about it. (Drake and his muscly physique aren't horrible to look at.)

Get it, girl.

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