Kim Kardashian's Controversial Sweatshirt Is Causing Quite the Stir

kim kardashian
Allpix/Splash News

Um, anything for fashion? Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy -- especially controversy that pertains to what she wears -- but her latest fashion faux pas is just plain bizarre. Recently, during a trip to see the Nutcracker ballet with her family, Kim wore a sweatshirt with the communist hammer and sickle symbol emblazoned on the right shoulder. Kim is never one to avoid wearing something she likes because it's weird/offensive/controversial (see: cornrows), but given the timing of stepping out in this sweatshirt, it's pretty noteworthy. 


Kim didn't post a photo of herself wearing the shirt to social media, but someone managed to get a shot of her wearing the shirt while walking into the ballet with daughter North and husband Kanye West. And of course, she paired it with heeled boots and no pants. 

Given that there's talk of Russia interfering with the US election -- and the fact that Kanye West and Donald Trump have suddenly struck up a bizarre relationship/friendship -- it's not exactly a surprise that Kim's sweatshirt is raising eyebrows.

But apparently it shouldn't.

More from CafeMom:

The red and yellow hoodie apparently is a piece from the brand Vetements' collaboration with SVMoscow, which is a Russian retailer. The shirt is meant to be a super-secretive cult brand kind of thing and, not surprising, retails at $770. So of course Kim is wearing it. And of course it's sold out now. 

Whatever Kim wears garners attention and this is certainly no exception. But man, talk about weird -- or very convenient -- timing. 

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