Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Holiday Photo Kind of Says It All

kim kardashian
Photo Image Press/Splash News

They're back and, um, happier than ever? On Tuesday, Kanye West shared a holiday photo of his family at Kris Jenner's annual Christmas bash. In the shot, the couple is standing in front of Kris's elaborate tree while Kim Kardashian holds North, and Kanye holds little Saint. Kanye is sporting his new blonde hair and the pair have their signature pouty faces on, but this has to be a good sign ... right?


Oddly, it was Kanye who shared the photo instead of Kim. Typically, Kim is the one posting to social media while Kanye more or less steers clear of it. Here's the sweet shot:

So cute. But, uh, would it kill you to smile, guys? It's Christmas!

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Of course, despite the couple's serious faces, their body language seems to say things are good between them. Also, the fact that there's a shot of their family together on Christmas is definitely a positive sign. Hopefully, Kim and Kanye have had time to deal with the aftermath of her Paris robbery and his hospitalization and are on their way back to normalcy. 

Kim and Kanye were rumored to be taking the rest of 2016 off, ready to jump back into work in 2017, but in the past few weeks, we've slowly started seeing more of the couple through paparazzi pics and social media. Here's to hoping they're both rested up and ready for next year -- because lord knows the world is waiting for them. 

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