Kylie Jenner Just Gave Nieces North & Penelope Their Very Own Custom Cosmetics

Penelope Disick and North West
Fern / Splash News

If your dream is to have your very own custom Lip Kit created by none other than Kylie Jenner, well, sorry, 'cuz you've gotta be related to the reality star-turned-cosmetics entrepreneur to get that kind of hookup. Not just related, but one of her nieces. Yep, Kylie debuted custom Kylie Cosmetics, made exclusively for Penelope Disick and North West, on Insta and Snapchat Sunday.


The kits include new Kyshadow palettes plus brushes and liquid lipsticks. Wow! Because 3- and 4-year-olds need all of that beauty swag, right?

Here's a glimpse at the kits, which are named after Kylie's adorable nieces:

Kylie's custom gifts to Penelope & North. A whole set in their favorite color ��

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A closer look at Penelope's kit:

Only for Penelope �

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And here's North's:

Only for North �

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Okay, so maybe this is just one of those instances where Kylie had an opportunity to do something cool for her sisters' kids and went for it. A proud auntie moment, if you will. But hopefully, everyone kinda agrees the girls should wait at least a few years before going full #FOTD (face of the day) with this stuff?

Ah, well. Whether they're wearing the makeup or not, the two are already calling themselves "Kylie" and "Kendall" in this clip:

Little Kylie & Kendall. This is the cutest thing ever �

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You can be the judge of whether Penelope and North having their own lip kits and identifying so heavily with their famous aunties -- before they've even started kindergarten -- is for better or worse.

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