Jill Duggar Shares Details About Her Second Pregnancy


We're still processing the news that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are expecting their second child, but it looks as though they've had some time to process already. Jill famously announced her first pregnancy about two seconds after getting a positive test, it looks like she took her time with this one.


Jill and crew posted a couple of videos after officially announcing the news, and revealed that she's about three month along already. In one video, Jill and Derick talk about how they finally got that positive pregnancy test, and how they think Israel is going to be as a big brother.

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After getting pregnant shortly after their honeymoon in 2014, Jill and Derick pretty much got a positive the first time they ever took a test. This time, however, it took a bit longer, and they went to extreme measure to make sure they had enough testing kits.

The Counting On star revealed, "I had been through tons of pregnancy tests, one of those big online value pack things. I had been going through pregnancy tests, so whenever I got positive pregnancy tests -- I took like three -- I was like, 'Ah, really?'"

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She also opened up about how she thinks 20-month-old Izzie is going to be as a big brother.  She said that he already loves little babies, and she believes he's going to be a "fantastic big brother." She shared, "The only thing I think he'll have to work on is just learning that babies that are smaller than you, you have to be more gentle with."

Yup, that's a lesson all toddlers with new baby siblings have to learn!

The family also shared another video with Jill's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and it was pretty clear that while the pregnancy is news to us, the fam has known about it for awhile. Jill not only sported a pretty obvious bump, but even joked with her parents that the "news" wasn't exactly breaking for them.


And of course JB couldn't help but mention even more kids after this little one makes his or her appearance. 

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"We're so excited for you guys. And y'all are great parents," the family patriarch gushed. "You guys are being fruitful and multiplying. When you have one, it changes your life and when you have two, it's just a little bit more. Then you have three ..."

One baby at a time, JB. One baby at a time.

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