Rob Kardashian's Reunion With Blac Chyna Could Cost Him Everything

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We know the Kardashians are a tight knit family -- they love, protect, and support each other fiercely and unconditionally. But that unconditional part seems to be breaking down when it comes to the rocky relationship of Rob and Blac Chyna. Staying with Chyna, might mean saying goodbye to the rest of his family.


According to People magazine, sources are saying that the K-fam simply cannot take it anymore and they want Rob and Chyna to end their relationship. Obviously they will never be able to truly sever ties -- baby Dream will forever bond them. And let's not forget that Kylie is with Tyga (again) who has a baby with Chyna. So yeah ... lot of ties. But the consensus from Kim, Kris, Kourtney, and Khloe is that enough is enough -- the outbursts and crazy break-ups and getting back together needs to stop. They are said to no longer support their union. We are assuming Kylie feels the same, as well as Kendall. 

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There was a big blow-out this past weekend between Rob and Chyna, complete with Chyna leaving with baby in tow. These things happen sometimes, but with these two, this uncertainty is a bit out of control. If we believe the sources, Rob's sisters think he deserves better. They are fed up. And the constant fighting between Rob and Chyna just serves to show them that maybe they aren't meant to be together. 

Rob doesn't believe that, however. He credits Chyna for helping him out of his self-imposed isolation. And he blames himself for their problems. On social media, Rob apologized and called Chyna a "great mother." He also wrote that he is "seeking help to deal with" his "flaws/issues." This makes us worry about Rob. We really hope he gets the help he needs so he can live a happy life with or without Chyna, but most importantly, for his baby girl. He pledged he would get better for her, adding "You are my life and gave me a new start on being a better me. Love you."

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We cannot possibly know all that is going on here, but it's very clear that Rob wants happiness, he doesn't want strife in his family -- with Chyna or with his mom and sisters. We really hope he has the support he needs to figure out how to move forward in a positive way. Maybe the rest of the family can take a step back and allow them to heal, and then heal as a family unit.


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