The Cost of Kate Middleton's Wardrobe Causes Major Sticker Shock

James Whatling/Splash News

No wonder the Duchess of Cambridge always looks on point! The total cost for Kate Middleton's 2016 wardrobe has been calculated -- and the royal threads come in with a price tag of $214,400.


It seems to be a shift for the princess, who only spent one quarter that amount ($53,000) in 2015. Kate has long been a fan of re-wearing pieces, and opting for less spendy items from mainstream brands like Zara and Whistels.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate's wardrobe for her Canada tour alone came in at $76,400. Which makes perfectly good sense when you factor in that she wore a good variety of designer shoes along with her Jenny Packham, Alexander McQueen, and Dolce & Gabbana pieces, but still!

More from CafeMom:

Given that the Duchess of Cambridge has taken a more "practical" approach to her wardrobe in the past, we kind of have to wonder what's up with her spending style. We're going to give it a wild guess and say that she's probably relying on royal personal shoppers more than ever now that she has two little ones to chase after.

For the average mom, chasing toddlers means that your wardrobe suffers because you just don't have time to think about it ... but when you have a bevy of shoppers on hand whose job it is to make sure you look amazing at any given moment -- they're not going to be looking at the price tags.

More from CafeMom:

In case you're wondering who foot the bill for Kate's clothes -- that would be her father-in-law Prince Charles. The first in line for the throne gets an annual income granted to "fund the royal family’s official and private lives." Reports show that the income for 2015 was $31.1 million, and funded the the staff, travel, and wardrobe for Will and Kate (and their kids) as well as Prince Harry.

We're thinking that Kate had the biggest percentage of the clothing budget though.

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