Kim Kardashian Spotted Without Her Engagement Ring

kim kardashian
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Finger party no more? Kim Kardashian stepped out without her engagement ring over the weekend, and not surprisingly, the Internet is losing their Kimye-loving minds. Kim was seen driving with pal Brittny Gastineau while little Saint sat in the back, and the paps -- of course -- managed to take a few snaps of her. And unfortunately for her, in the shots, Kim is without her massive engagement ring. 


Being that everyone already is under the impression that things aren't good with Kim and Kanye, the photos only fanned the fire, causing everyone to think that divorce is imminent. But! Aren't we forgetting a few things here. One, Kim's massive engagement ring was stolen in Paris in October. And even though she has another ring (Kanye upgraded her earlier on this year, remember?), authorities essentially blamed her flaunting her wealth on social media for the attack. So even if she does have a ginormous replacement rock, maybe she's trying to be more low-key?

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Also, in the snaps, if you look close enough, Kim is wearing a thin gold band, showing that, yes people, she is still married. 

Kim and Kanye have been through a lot in the last few months, so it certainly wouldn't be a surprise if things weren't exactly top notch with them. But just because she's seen without her ring on a random night out, doesn't mean they're splitting up. 

Hopefully, in the new year Kim and Kanye will go back to normal and all the break-up gossip will stop. Because seriously people, haven't these two been through enough?

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