11 Times Kate Middleton's Sense of Humor Cracked Us Up

Liz Alterman | Dec 20, 2016 Celebrities
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This stunning mom of two might be royalty but she couldn't seem more down-to-earth. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is known for her great sense of style but she's also got a great sense of humor. 

This fashion icon isn't averse to rolling her eyes and letting the public know exactly how she feels, which makes her that much more lovable.

Take a look at these 11 times Kate Middleton proved she's got an awesome sense of humor and looks like she'd be pretty fun to have in your squad.  

  • Princess of Ping-Pong


    The Duchess of Cambridge showed she knows her way around the ping pong table! Look at her celebrating winning a point. Go, Kate, go!

  • Line Dancing? No Problem


    How fun would Kate be at your wedding? Love at the princess show off her moves on the dance floor. Of course, she looks flawless the entire time! 

  • Fist Bumpin'


    Watch as Kate makes this little kid feel like a million bucks by pretending that this was a bone-crusing fist bump. What a fun gal!

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  • That Famous Eye Roll


    Remember when the pregnant duchess was taken to task in Manhattan for not wrapping presents fast enough? This is just one example of Kate's magnificient eye rolling abiliies. We don't blame her one bit. Sorry, Kate, New Yorkers can be bossy!

  • Boxing in the Name of Mental Health


    Kate doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the need for greater awareness for mental health -- especially among kids. The perfectly-coiffed princess put on boxing gloves and stepped into the ring to prove how staying physically fit can have a positive impact on mental health. She's got quite a right jab -- what she's a good sport. 

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  • Lettin' It Fly


    Kate has such a contagious zest for life! While visiting India, Kate took up the bow and arrow and looks like she was able to give it a go and have the best time ever.

  • A Laugh at Her Prince


    Even right after having a baby, Kate was still fun-loving and giggly, enjoying a laugh at the self-depricating prince's expense. Too cute!

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  • Winning at Three Tins


    The Duchess of Cambridge played the South African game 'Three Tins' when she visited the athletes' village during her second day at the Commonwealth Games in 2014. It could not have been easy to jump in espadrilles but, of course, Kate makes it look graceful and easy. We love that she gets into the spirit of things no matter where she is.

  • Petting "A Streetcat Named Bob"

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    The Duchess of Cambridge attended The World Premiere of "A Street Cat Named Bob" in London and gave this puss and little scratch on the head. Her expression is priceless! 

  • Making a Hat

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    While visiting the Netherlands, Kate got right into the act of loom knitting hats with children. She truly seems to fit right in no matter where she goes! 

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  • Lady in Red


    Even in heels, Kate isn't afraid to try her hand at cricket. We're sure George and Charlotte adore that their mom has a silly side!

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