Derick Dillard's Pro-Life Message Angers Duggar Fans


Well that was weird. Derick Dillard posted about Michelle Duggar's miscarriage five years ago, and caused confusion and some discord amongst fans.


Jill (Duggar) Dillard remembered her youngest sister Jubilee on Instagram earlier this month, who died at just 19 weeks gestation. Michell Duggar gave birth to the stillborn infant, and the family held a memorial service, and raised eyebrows by sharing images of the baby's teeny hands and feet. 

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Jill shared those pictures again, along with a sweet message about Jim Bob and Michelle's twentieth child, and while she got some criticism, the response was largely positive. However, when Derick linked to an article about it and added his own commentary, some fans were left scratching their heads.

The same feet? That just seems like something totally weird to share. Besides, baby feet just look like ... baby feet. Even if they're tiny like Jubilee's.

But what really got people riled up was Derick's pro-life proclamation. The Duggars are staunchly pro-life, yet some people pointed out that this was neither the time nor the place to relay such sentiments. One person questioned, "What does pro life have to do with miscarriage? Why use [this] to push your agenda?"

Another chimed in, "Why not let her rest in peace instead of using her for cheap political propaganda? You have a beautiful child ... celebrate him."

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Jill and Derick have been raising a lot of eyebrows lately due to their extended stay in the states form their mission in El Salvador. After spending about a year in Central America, the couple returned home to Arkansas this past summer, and remain here with no immediate plans to head back. Meanwhile, they're still accepting donations, so ... yeah. Fans are already suspicious of anything the Dillards do these days.

You'd think if Derick could take the time to tweet about Jubilee and Jill's feet, he could address what exactly they're doing with their mission at the moment.

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