Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Birthday Song for His 1-Year-Old Is Making Us Melt


Dwayne Johnson has only been a dad to his daughter, Jasmine, for a year, but he proved a loooong time ago that he's THE cutest father, probably of all time. And as any professionally cute dad knows, baby's first birthday is a spectacular excuse to prove (once again) how cute you are. So we were expecting some cuteness from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on his daughter's first birthday. But, guys, we were not expecting this much. 


DJ (or should we call him D "TR" J?) has posted videos of him and Jasmine before, so when we saw that little play sign on his Instagram, we thought we knew what we were getting into. But we didn't realize Jasmine (and, by extension, us) were about to get a personal serenade:

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Wow. Dwayne is just so perfect in most other realms, we sometimes forget that the dude can sing, too. And he really does have an angelic voice.

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Aaaand a good sense of humor. We all know 1-year-olds aren't always the most receptive to our constant need for affection, and we've been pushed away by a fair share of babies ourselves.

Thankfully, Dwayne's pretty chill about the whole thing -- he knows Jasmine will show him love eventually. How could she not?

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