Prince William & Kate Middleton Share Prince George's Naughty Christmas Antics

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He may be the future king of England, but he really is just like any other toddler getting ready for Christmas. Prince William revealed this week that Prince George is trying to rip open his Christmas presents early!


Silly boy, doesn't he know that he's supposed to wait until Santa delivers all the presents on Christmas Eve before he starts tearing into the good stuff?

Georgie's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, attended a charity shindig on Monday, which also included volunteers from their mental health campaign, the Heads Together initiative. Kate Middleton looked fabulous in a green and red Vanessa Seward dress, and Prince William charmed everyone by sharing a sweet story about his kiddos being excited for the holidays.

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Will told London radio host A. J. King that "the kids are really looking forward to Christmas and George is already ripping open his presents." King also added that the fam is looking forward to a break in royal duties, saying, "They're looking forward to downtime and a chill with the family."

The party was hosted by The Mix, a youth support service that exists to help people through tough times in their lives. William and Kate (along with Prince Harry) have been very active in raising awareness for mental health issues, as well as combating homelessness and disease.

Kate, Will, and Harry used the event not only as a way to have a good time and share cute kid stories, but also to engage with volunteers. Party-goers gladly shared their knowledge on working with people facing significant challenges such as suicidal thoughts and drug addiction.

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The Mix CEO Chris Martin said of the royal trio, "They are just very, very good with people. They are particularly interested in seeing how they can drive up engagement over the next year or so. They want to see a rise in people being involved and people accessing support services if they need them. There's a strong belief that the first part of that journey is talking to somebody, engagement with other people."

We love how committed Kate, William, and Harry are to making the world a better place. And we love hearing those adorable royal kiddo stories -- because at the end of the day, they really are just normal people trying to raise a family and make a difference with their time here.

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