Anna Faris Got a Major Ring Upgrade & We Are ... What's the Word? Oh, Blinded

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Chris Pratt has been Hollywood's "it" guy for a solid year and a half now, and with that power comes a lot of money. Like, a lot, a lot. Like, enough money that we shouldn't really be surprised that he just dropped a couple hundred grand on a ring upgrade for his wife, Anna Faris. So we won't be surprised but we will be obsessed because holy cow, this ring is gorgeous.


The original ring Chris Pratt used to propose in 2008 had an oval cut diamond and a simple gold band. The new one follows a similar pattern, just with ... more

Here's Anna's look from the Passengers red carpet:

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And here's a suuuuper zoomed-in view of her hand:

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And here's her old ring, for reference:

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According to a diamond expert Us Weekly talked to, that new monster is somewhere around six carats and probably cost Chris a good $250,000.

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But we're sure it was worth it -- first of all, Chris joked that Anna bought him a tractor in return. (We hope that's true.) And Anna, for her part, reacted adorably: She talked to E! News on the red carpet and said, "I look [at it] and I'm like, 'I can't believe it either!' He's an incredibly romantic man and I'm very, very lucky."

Yeah, girl. But then again, he's lucky, too. These two are made for each other, we tell ya. 

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