Proud Mom Kate Beckinsale Takes Her Co-Parenting Success Story to Instagram

Luke Vachon / Splash News

Whoever said divorced families are broken families has clearly never heard about Lily Beckinsale and her very famous parents, Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. Kate and Michael split up 13 years ago, but they've been co-parenting Lily ever since, and Kate's Instagram photo from the moment they found out Lily got into college is not only adorable, but all the proof we need that co-parents are just as loving and amazing as parent-parents. (Not that we really doubted that for a second.)


Kate's picture does double duty, too -- she shows Michael picking up and hugging both Lily and Kate:

As hard as kids have to work to get into college, we all know parents can take a liiiiittle bit of credit, right? Or a lot? Or all? (Just kidding. Kind of.)

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Anyway, the assumption that kids have to have a mom and a dad and a traditional family setup to be supported or successful is very real in some circles, so seeing Kate and Michael doing such a wonderful job of raising and loving Lily is beyond encouraging. Of course we can't really know what goes on in the family beyond Instagram, but we feel okay making some assumptions here. And of course there are other families with less-than-traditional paths that are also doing great things, but that doesn't take away from how much we love this one.

Part of their stellar family dynamic comes from the fact that Kate gets along with Michael Sheen's current partner, Sarah Silverman, so well. Michael and Sarah got together in 2014, and Kate has spoken before about how much she loves Sarah, which is, again, heartwarming and encouraging.

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All this comes just a few months after Kate's current husband, Len Wiseman, filed for divorce. They got married way back in 2004 (just a year after she and Michael split), so it has to be a hard time for her. But obviously that doesn't take away from her relationship with Michael and Lily, and that's wonderful to see.

Also, major congratulations to Lily are in order -- clearly, she's gonna go far.

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