Neil Patrick Harris Shares Twins' Super-Sized Holiday Wishes -- Good Luck, NPH!

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Sounds like this celebrity dad has some serious shopping to do. While visiting Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris shared his 6-year-old twins' over-the-top holiday wish lists, which include some pretty outlandish and oversized items that could be hard for even a Tony-winning superstar to secure. But even as wild as these requests are, this mom can totally relate. 


To call this list aspirational might be an understatement. Though I suppose if you're used to seeing your dad on television, it probably seems like anything is possible, right?

Take a listen as the How I Met Your Mother star talks about his kids' not-so-easy-to-fulfill requests.

You have to hand it to Harper and Gideon for dreaming big! I love it when Harris asks, "What is it with these giant gifts?" 

The Hedwig and the Angry Inch star lives in Manhattan with his husband, David Burtka, and their twins. As anyone who's visited the Big Apple knows, it's hard enough to park your car, let alone a rocket ship. So good luck with that one!

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In case you thought NPH was just embellishing for laughs, take a peek at the list that would make even the most earnest elf roll his eyes.

Soooo, Gideon wrote his holiday wish list...

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Gideon's picks might be impossible, but at least Harper won't be singing the blues -- because a pink karaoke machine is an option! (You're welcome, Neil.)

While of course it's hilarious, it's also pretty daunting when your child makes some outrageous holiday demands that you just know you're not willing or able to honor.

I am right there with you, NPH, as I found this note outside my bedroom door one evening:

Liz Alterman
What's a Google Pixel, you ask? Only a $650 smart phone, which seems like a bit of an extravagance for the 11-year-old author of this list. And how about the ingratitude of this line, "Other gifts will not be accepted"? Just who am I raising here?

Of course, every parent wants to see his or her child happy on a big holiday or birthday, but what do you do when his or her wish list items are completely unrealistic? And how do you explain to your kid that these gifts are well beyond the realm of possibility? 

My son won't be getting this phone on Christmas -- or probably ever. Will he be disappointed? Yes. Will he get over it? I hope so. Even if I had mountains of cash to spend on this (and equally pricey gifts for his two brothers so they don't feel slighted), I still wouldn't buy it. A tween doesn't need a fancy phone, which he would undoubtedly leave behind in a park anyway. Plus, it sets a bad precedent. When he's 17, will he be asking for a Porsche? Where do you draw the line?  

So that he's not shocked and horrified on Christmas morning, I've been reminding my son that his requested gift is out of our price range and really more suited to an adult. I've asked him to rewrite his list -- graciously this time -- with more appropriate and realistic asks. Because he's 11, I'm hoping that this message will sink in -- quickly. 

As for NPH, 6 is a tough age to try to get reason to stick, so if he hasn't already gotten on the phone with NASA, he'd better have a pretty awesome plan B!

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