Kim Kardashian Returns to Instagram With Twerking Videos Because of Course

kim kardashian
Jackson Lee/Brian Prahl/Splash News

Well, this is an interesting way to make one's foray back in the limelight. On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian posted a twerking video to Instagram on what appears to be a new account for her Kimoji app. Kim initially added two posts to the Instagram, both in front of the same Christmas tree and in the same underwear. Is it sexy? Yes. But very, very bizarre. 


Everyone is assuming that Kim is one of the women in the photo and/or the twerker, but it's hard to tell since no one's face is in either shot. 


A photo posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on


A photo posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on

After the initial two posts, Kim then added another twerking video from another angle, classing the Internet up even more.


A video posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on

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So far, Kim hasn't offered any insight as to what the posts mean and whether or not it's actually her in the videos and photo. Classic Kim, keeping us on our toes. 

It was reported recently that both Kim and Kanye were planning on taking the rest of the year off to relax and recuperate from both of their respective ordeals at home. But perhaps Kim is bored and itching to get back to work, so she decided to do something cryptic like this, which, at the same time, puts her back in the public eye and doesn't. 

Whatever these videos mean, they're no doubt good for the Kimoji app. Who wouldn't want to download that ish after seeing masterpieces like these? Get that cash, girl. 

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