10 Times Prince George Said Exactly What Was on His Mind

Liz Alterman | Dec 15, 2016 Celebrities
10 Times Prince George Said Exactly What Was on His Mind
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Kids say the funniest things -- sometimes with words, other times with just their hilarious faces. One of the most entertaining tots around these days just happens to be royal. Prince George pulls no punches and says exactly what's on his mind -- and when this little guys speaks, we're all ears! We just love when someone happens to catch one of the adorable things George has said, and passes it along to the rest of us.

Prince George is just 4 years old, which means he's still learning what's acceptable to say in public or not. Like comments about the weather ... no, Georgie, it isn't very nice out, but it's not polite to comment on it at an event. We're sure his Gan-Gan (the special name he has for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth) didn't mind too much though. She seems to have quite the soft sport for all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Of course sometimes George is just learning the nuances of the English language -- like what happened when he heard that his dad, Prince William, had gone to China. What a little cutie! The adorable tyke gets away with a lot more than others might. And with that angelic face and cheeky grin, how could he not? Check out his quotes and the times his expressions and clothing did the talking for him!

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