Meghan Markle Might Score an Invite to the Royal Christmas Celebration

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Is it going to be a very royal Christmas for Meghan Markle? Rumors are swirling that Prince Harry's girlfriend might spend Christmas with Queen Elizabeth at her Sandringham Estate. The move would completely buck the immediate-family-only tradition, but hey -- the royals seem to be getting less and less traditional as time rolls on.


Harry and Meghan made headlines this week for purchasing a six-foot Christmas tree together in London, but does that mean she's getting ready to spend the holiday with the royal family? 

Considering that Kate Middleton wasn't even invited to the celebrations until she and Prince William had already tied the knot, we're guessing that the answer is likely no. Even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got engaged in November 2010, it wasn't until they were husband and wife in 2011 that she got an invite to the queen's party.

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However, sources say that Prince Harry is very serious about the Suits actress, and an insider told People that while it's doubtful that Markle will be at the royal Christmas, "If Harry asks for something, she would say yes as she adores him."

The source also confessed that "it would be a tall order for her, and possibly put her off for good" -- a sentiment shared by royal biographer Ingrid Seward. Seward told the mag that she doubted Meghan would be at the festivities, and explained that even if Meghan were invited, "I don't think he would put her through that ... It would be very stressful for her."

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Seward even commented that she believed that Harry's dad, Prince Charles, would advise him to keep Markle away from Sandringham for the holidays. "The media would have them married off the next day!" she explained.

Besides, if things work out with these two, we're sure she has many Christmases with the royal family to look forward to in her future.

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