Remembering 'Growing Pains' Star Alan Thicke -- a Beloved Dad On-Screen & Off

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This TV dad was all about "sharing the laughter and love," so it's with heavy hearts that fans, friends, and family are mourning his loss. Alan Thicke died Wednesday at the age of 69 after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his son Carter. The actor found his way into our hearts and homes portraying Dr. Jason Seaver, lovable dad and psychiatrist in the ABC hit Growing Pains


The real-life father of three sons was remembered fondly by his eldest son, Robin, whose hit "Blurred Lines" made him a household name. His loving tribute would make any father proud.

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Robin most likely inherited his musical talents from his dad. Some might not realize the elder Thicke was responsible for some of television's catchiest theme songs. The Canadian-born star wrote the opening tunes to Diff'rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, and a number of others. 

Thicke's son Carter also remembered his amazing dad with this touching tweet:

It was the role of Dr. Seaver that won Thicke countless fans. While most kids might not love the thought of their dad working from home day in and day out, Jason Seaver was no ordinary "do your homework and take out the trash!" father.

Whether he was scoring Springsteen tickets for son Mike (played by Kirk Cameron) or grooving with his old bandmates, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cooler dad on the small screen. And he was a pretty great husband, too. He supported his wife, Maggie, as she reentered the workforce, leaving him to juggle their three (and later, four) kids and his practice. He handled it all with both humor and grace that left many viewers wishing their own dads (and families) would take a cue from the Seaver playbook. 

Cameron, too, shared a heartfelt remembrance in honor of the man he called "Dad" for seven seasons:

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Fans of NBC's new hit show This Is Us will recall seeing a cameo by Alan Thicke when he was guest-starring on character Kevin Pearson's show within the show The Manny. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it was great to have the actor back in my living room. 

It seems heartbreakingly appropriate that in his final moments this awesome father, who made his family his top priority on and off the screen, was sharing the love of his favorite sport with his son. 

We'll miss this man who provided a shining example of fatherhood in real life and on television. 

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