Kim Kardashian's Rumored Fling Takes a Dig at Kanye West

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Not exactly making things any better. After Kim Kardashian was rumored to be cheating on Kanye West with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King, Marquette addressed the rumor with a simple tweet. The tweet was an avatar of himself drawing a heart, along with the hashtag #rumors. But now the NFL star has gone and posted something to social media again -- and this time King seems to be mocking Kanye West.  


Initially, here was how Marquette addressed the gossip:

But then on Monday, the football star posted a shot of himself kicking the ball with the caption, "All falls down," which obviously is a reference to Kanye's first big hit. 

All falls down...

A photo posted by Marquette King (@marquetteking) on

Who knows what this even means, but he's certainly putting himself at the center of the gossip again. Maybe he's poking fun at the whole situation? Or maybe he's, you know, just poking fun at Kanye?

More from CafeMom:

Not surprisingly, Raiders fans commented up a storm on King's Instagram, telling him, in not so nice terms, to stay far, far away from the Kardashians. "Please don't dare that crazy chick look what happens to every dude she dates," one follower wrote, while another said, "Those Kardashian skanks chew men up and then spit them out... They only use them to keep themselves in the media... I sure hope he keeps a good head on his shoulders and does not fall for the age old manipulation of a woman... No doubt he's funny let's pray he's smart!!!" Lovely. 

From everything we've heard from Kim's camp, there is absolutely nothing going on between Kim and Marquette. But it's hard to tell what type of message the football player is trying to send here. Whatever it is, it's likely that Kim's PR team -- and Kanye -- aren't happy about it. 

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