Kanye West's Recent Behavior Has Left Kim Kardashian 'Miserable'

kim and kanye
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Not-so hotso. Despite a recent story that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are doing fiiiine, a new report just emerged from People, claiming that that's not the case at all. According to a source, Kim is super pissed that Kanye isn't resting, and right now, she seems "miserable." Yikes. That doesn't sound good. 


Despite the fact that Kanye was under strict orders to rest and stay away from work after he was released from the hospital, he's basically back to business as usual already. Since he's been out, Kanye was seen at the "Rick Owens: Furniture" exhibition at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, and then a few days later, on a BMX ride with friends -- and Kim isn't happy. 

"Kim still denies they are getting a divorce, but things are definitely not great between her and Kanye," a source told People, adding, "Kanye is supposed to rest and focus on his mental health, but instead, he has had a very busy week and is done resting." 

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Of course, Kanye's busy week also means that he and Kim haven't been spending much time together as a family. Sources claim that Kim is seriously annoyed with how Kanye is handling his recovery and has taken to spending a lot of time with her family. 

Of course, as with all things Kardashian, there are conflicting reports. Despite the talk of marital strain between Kim and Kanye, another source claims that "Kim and Kanye have been spending time together behind closed doors and no less than usual." The insider said that the couple always do their own respective things, but they always make sure to get in with each other. In other words, they're fiiiine.

It's only a matter of time before we find out what's really going on with these two, but let's hope -- for the sake of their kids and the sake of the universe -- that they're in it for the long haul. 

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