Lamar Odom Has Checked Himself into Rehab

lamar odom
Jackson Lee/ Splash News

Encouraging and discouraging all at once. Lamar Odom has checked himself into a rehab facility in San Diego this week. The former NBA player checked in voluntarily and, according to sources, "did not relapse," but instead did it as a precautionary measure. 


A source close to Lamar told Us Weekly, "He went to continue making sure he stays sober and on the right path. It was something he chose to do." The insider added that Lamar "did it for his kids" and because he wanted to feel 100 percent again. "He did not relapse, but felt like he wanted to get away and start fresh for the New Year," the source noted.

As everyone knows, last year, Lamar almost died after he overdosed at a Nevada brothel. With the help of doctors and ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, Lamar slowly regained his strength and made a miraculous recovery. Not long after, though, Lamar was reportedly partying again and had all but completely severed ties with Khloe. Lamar may not have full-blown relapsed this time around, but it's likely that his stay at a rehab facility isn't solely for getting a fresh start in the New Year. 

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Whether Lamar checked himself into rehab totally on his own or with a little nudging from his friends, it's a good sign. He has an extremely troubled history and it can't be a bad idea for him to get away from it all during the holiday party season. 

Let's just all hope that this time his treatment sticks, though.  

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