Jill Duggar Shares Sweet Tribute to Her Stillborn Sister Jubilee


Of all the reasons someone might insult the Duggar family, this one hardly seems fair. Jill (Duggar) Dillard was recently criticized for honoring her stillborn sister, who left the world much too soon five years ago.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on December 11, 2011, three days after learning that the baby's heart had stopped beating. They named her Jubilee Shalom Duggar, and while she may not have been with the family very long, she certainly made an impression.

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Jill honored her baby sister on Instagram, sharing a collage of the few photos the family has of Jubilee's feet and teeny tiny hand. She added the caption, "5 years ago today my mom gave birth to my youngest little sister, Jubilee Shalom Duggar and Jesus welcomed her home to Heaven! She is a testimony to every life being beautiful; at 18 weeks gestation, she was a beautiful baby with little blue eyes, 10 fingers & 10 toes! She weighed 4 oz. and was 6 inches long. We miss you Jubilee and look forward to meeting you one day in Heaven!"


Much of the response to the post was positive, but of course there are always those people willing to pounce on someone else's tragedy. One person commented, "Pictures of a dead fetus.... ?" and another attributed malicious intent behind Jill's post, saying, "Typical duggar, exploiting even the dead."

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Um, what? Whatever anyone thinks about this family, they went through something that no parent should ever have to experience. They lost a child. A perfectly formed, beautiful little child, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating that life, no matter how short it was.

Good for Jill keeping Jubilee's memory alive.

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