Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard May Be Done With Missionary Work for Good


What the heck are they doing? It's been months since Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard returned home from El Salvador, yet they still seem to be playing that this is only a temporary break in their mission work.


The Counting On stars spent nearly a year in Central America ministering to the population there, but came home to Arkansas over the summer for a break of unspecified time. Several months later, they've been home almost as long as they were actually in the developing country.

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Of course fans are wondering what the heck is up with them, and the fact that neither Jill nor Derick will address their situation is just adding fuel to the fire. Can it really be considered missionary work if they spend more time at the Duggar family compound than out in the field?

There are a couple of potential reasons for the extended (permanent?) break from El Salvador.

First, Jill could be pregnant. The developing country is a hotbed for the Zika virus, and if she's expecting baby number two, her priority should be keeping that little one safe. Baby rumors have been surrounding Jill basically ever since Israel was born nearly two years ago, so this one wouldn't surprise us at all.

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Second, they just might not be willing to take the risk anymore. Jill and Derick shared on the show exactly how dangerous it is down there, and Jill has been visibly shaken on camera more than once about how terrifying day-to-day life has been for her. It could all just be too much.

Whatever Jill and Derick are up to, it seems like it's time they give their fans an explanation. After all, they're still accepting donations for their mission work -- don't people have a right to know where it's going?

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