Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating on Kanye West With an NFL Star

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Said Elatab/Splash News

Everyday, thousands of Kardashian rumors are put out into the universe, but this one's gotta sting. According to a few gossip sites, Kim Kardashian had a fling with Marquette King, the 28-year-old punter for the Oakland Raiders. Some are saying that Kim was so overwhelmed with everything that's been going on with Kanye that she stepped out on her man -- but true Kardashian fans are collectively raising their perfectly-filled in eyebrows at this poppycock.  


Not long after Kanye was released from the hospital, talk of there being trouble in paradise started. Then of course the divorce rumors started. And finally -- not surprisingly at all -- it's culminated with a Kim-cheating-on-Kanye story. 

But sorry. We're not buying it. 

A source close to Kim dispelled the rumors, saying Kim has never -- and would never -- run around on her bae. "Kim’s got two kids, a husband who needs her more than ever, is still dealing with the robbery aftermath, and has a business to tend to," an insider told Hollywood Life. "She barely has time to have sex with her own husband, let alone step out on him with Marquette. The only place she’s creeping late at night is to the store to get desert to avoid the paparazzi." The tipster also added that "Kim's goodies belong to Kanye" and that she's still very much in love with her husband. 

More from CafeMom:

Perhaps things aren't 100 percent with Kim and Kanye right now, but it's really hard to believe that she'd cheat on him in the midst of everything that's been going on. After all, people who manage to make it out of violent jewelry heists alive don't usually have the urge to stray on their partner less than three months later. 

Also, even Marquette is calling B.S.

Whatever is going on with Kim and Kanye, they'll get through it. And, as is always the case with them, they'll come back bigger and stronger than ever. 

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