Rob Kardashian Doesn't Want Caitlyn Jenner Meeting His Daughter

caitlyn jenner
Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

Sorry, Grandma Caitlyn. Ya didn't make the cut. According to a new report, Rob Kardashian has banned Caitlyn Jenner from seeing his daughter, Dream Kardashian. After Dream was born, Rob never invited Caitlyn to come visit, despite her very much wanting to, and he still hasn't asked her over. Ouch!


One source claims that Rob's banning of Caitlyn wasn't personal at all. "He says he can't deal with the circus that follows her," the insider told OK! magazine, adding that, all that said, Rob "doesn't consider Caitlyn family anymore." Apparently, after Caitlyn bashed Kris Jenner in her coming-out interview in Vanity Fair, Rob more or less wrote her off -- as did the rest of the Kardashian clan. The insider revealed, "No one in the family is responding to her messages. She hoped the baby would change that, but she still feels like an outsider." Aww, that's really sad. What Caitlyn said about Kris certainly wasn't nice, but to completely write her out of the family is pretty harsh. 

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Understandably, Caitlyn is "heartbroken" over the fact that she has no clue when -- and if -- she'll ever get to meet her new granddaughter. Hopefully, Rob will find it in his heart to let Cailtlyn, who helped raise him since he was 4, meet his daughter. 

Caitlyn definitely didn't speak very highly of his family after he transitioned -- and that wasn't right -- but after everything that the Kardashians have been through this year, shouldn't this be water under the bridge already?

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