Jessa Duggar Finally Fesses Up About Those Twin Rumors


It's about time! Jessa (Duggar) Seewald finally revealed the truth about having twins. The Counting On star posted an ultrasound photo to Instagram this week should clear up any confusion on how many babies she's actually carrying.


Jessa announced she was pregnant with her second baby last summer, and has dropped numerous hints since then that she's expecting multiples. Which would be quite the handful, considering that her firstborn, Spurgeon, just turned 1 year old in November!

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But alas, it looks like she has just one baby boy or girl on the way to keep Spurgie company.


That is clearly only one babe in there -- we think. It could be Jessa pulling off the greatest practical joke in Duggar history, but we kind of doubt it. She's also posted at least two side-by-side photos comparing her baby bump this pregnancy with her last pregnancy, and she hasn't looked noticeably bigger.

Ben Seewald's wife is still keeping something about her baby a secret, though -- the gender. We're not exactly surprised, considering that they didn't announce that Spurgeon was a boy until after he was here, but we're still dying to know.

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Who knows -- maybe she will share this time if she's expecting a son or a daughter? Regardless, we won't have to wait very long to find out. As she's over 30 weeks, it won't be too far into the new year before the tot makes the Seewalds an adorable family of four.

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