Amy Duggar Addresses Those Marriage Abuse Rumors


Pay no attention to the marriage problems seen on TV! Amy (Duggar) King wants everyone to know her marriage is just fine, despite what you may have seen about her abuse allegations.


The former 19 Kids and Counting star is on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp with her hubby of one year, Dillon King, and fans became concerned after seeing a preview in which Amy describes some pretty horrific abuse.

In the clip, Amy says, "He picked me up by the throat, all the way up to the ceiling." The description for the couple on the show's website also reads, "Upon arrival, their lack of respect for each other is apparent." Not good, you guys.

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But Amy just did a new interview with People magazine, and insists that everything is not just fine, it's basically better than perfect. And about that choking incident? Apparently, as the magazine puts it, "She was referencing a challenge during the clip that happened on the show and it was with Dillon."

What the heck kind of challenge has you picking up your wife by the throat and holding her up to the ceiling? Call us crazy, but that just seems counterintuitive to a happy, healthy relationship. Yet Amy insisted, "Dillon's character is upright and he's a good man who loves me well."

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's niece also shared that the experience helped her and Dillon learn to communicate with each other better. She said, "I have never been more grateful for going on the show. Dillon and I are on cloud nine."

Amy continued, "We are really happy we learned how to communicate in a healthy way and we're completely in love with each other. We are in a very good place."

Hopefully that very good place doesn't involve being physically pinned down. Otherwise Amy might need to really reevaluate her marriage priorities.

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