Here's the Truth About Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Possibly Divorcing

kim and kanye
Neil Warner/Eade/Splash News

Slow your roll, everyone. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not getting divorced, despite endless reports saying so. According to a source close to the couple (whose name likely rhymes with Miss Menner), Kim and Kanye have dealt with their fair share of ups and downs during the past month, but they're certainly not heading for divorce. In fact, if anything, their harrowing ordeals have made the pair even closer. 


After Kim's Paris robbery in October and Kanye's hospitalization a few weeks ago, it's no surprise that Kimye has been dealing with a handful of relationship issues -- and it's no surprise that the rumor mill kicked into overdrive with talk of "divorce" shortly after Kanye was admitted to UCLA. However! It's all just gossip. Insiders tell TMZ that things between Kim and Kanye are fine, and that the two have learned to rely on each other even more. Also, the pair evidently went out to dinner at a friend's house this past Tuesday. So there.

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There was a lot of talk about Kim being nervous to have the kids around Kanye after his "breakdown," which of course is completely understandable. But that doesn't mean divorce. It means Kim was being responsible and protective of her children. 

The same insider also told TMZ that Kanye is doing well these days -- so well in fact that he could start working again -- but has decided to relax and lay low until next year, as not to overwhelm himself. 

So, there you have it. No divorce for Kimye. In the beginning of their relationship, everyone said they wouldn't last, but look at them now: It's impossible to imagine them not together. 

Stay strong, guys. Stay strong forever. 

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