Princess Diana's Letter From Her Last Christmas Is Haunting

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She wasn't known as the People's Princess for nothing. A Christmas letter from Princess Diana to her friend Simon Barnes is up for auction, and it's estimated that the special note will receive upwards of $2,000 due to its meaningful content.


According to RR Auction, Simon became a paraplegic after breaking his back on a Territorial Army assault course at age 21. He and Di developed a friendship "through their shared efforts with the International Spinal Research Trust."

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Robert Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction, described exactly what is so special about this thank-you note from the princess. He said, "Diana had such an openness, and engaging quality -- that's what everyone loved about her, and that can be seen in this letter."

Splash News/RR Auction

Splash News/RR Auction

The letter was penned in 1996, just months before Princess Diana lost her life in a horrific car crash while being chased by the paparazzi. Here is the full text of the note:

I was enormously touched to receive your lovely present -- I have not read 'The Celestial Prophecy' & I'm relying on you to alert me to these great books! Thank you so much for thinking of me at Christmas time -- After all the changes that have taken place this year it's marvelous of you to be so thoughtful. I hope 1997 will be a happy year for you -- personally I can't wait to get out of this one! Lots of love, Simon, & a huge heartfelt thank you for my book.

The book referred to is mostly likely The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, as it became a bestseller that year. But the most touching and tragically sad part of the letter is when Di mentions how ready she is for 1996 to be over.

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That was the year her divorce with Prince Charles was finalized, and she was clearly looking forward to better things to come. Even in the midst of her personal grief, though, she warmly shared her gratitude for her friend and the kind gift he sent her.

Even though her life was cut tragically short just months later, Diana will always be remembered for her loving and caring nature. We just wish we'd had more time with her.

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