Rob Kardashian's New Photo of Dream Is Almost as Sweet as the Caption

rob kardashian
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Smitten papa. Both Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have shared super cute photos and videos of their daughter, Dream Kardashian, on social media, but Rob just topped them all with his latest pic. Rob's new photo of Dream features the newborn snuggled and sleeping soundly with a pink lovey. But even more adorable? Rob's heartfelt message for his daughter. 


Rob told his followers that Dream is "the best thing that's ever happened to [him] in [his] life" in the precious new 'gram. Check it out:

Sleep baby,,,, best thing that has ever happened to me in my life

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

How adorable is this? So snuggly!

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From the sound of things, everything is going well between Rob, Chyna, and their sweet girl. It's unclear whether or not the couple is living together right now, but from everything we've seen on social media, they're a happy little family. 

The pictures and videos Rob and Chyna have been sharing with their fans have all been incredibly cute, but let's be honest, the real treat is going to be when we seen Chyna give birth to Dream in the hour-long special, which should be airing in a few weeks. 

So nice to hear everything is going well with the adorable trio. And hopefully Dream will be just the thing Rob needs to get his life on track for good. If anyone can do it, it's her. 

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