Kylie Jenner Angers Fans With a Tweet About the Holidays

Kylie Jenner at Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates
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It might be the most wonderful time of year, but that's not stopping people from losing their cool over the silliest of things on the Internet. Kylie Jenner's holiday tweet has come under fire by many fans who seem to be fed up with how she chose to express her sentiments for the season.


Like most of us, Kylie Jenner couldn't contain her holiday cheer -- and her desire to put up her Christmas tree -- and took to Twitter to share her adoration of the season.

Too bad her use of the term "Xmas" was such a controversial move.

Who knew a 10-word tweet would cause such an uproar!

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Even though the "X" in Xmas stands for "Christ" in Greek, that didn't stop people from losing their sh*t because Kylie dared to take Christ out of Christmas.

Good grief.

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Regardless of your faith and what you think about Christmas, you have to admit that getting upset with Kylie about using Xmas instead of Christmas is just ... a waste of time -- and that's putting it nicely.

With so much heartache and tragedy happening around the world, this is what we focus on? 

Such a shame.

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