One of the Duggars May Be Seriously Considering Divorce


Is it over already? Fans are encouraging Amy (Duggar) King to call it quits on her marriage with Dillon King, after a disturbing scene was shown in a preview for Marriage Boot Camp last week.


The former 19 Kids and Counting star tied the knot in September 2015, and it looks like things aren't all they're cracked up to be, given that the couple went on Marriage Boot Camp less than a year after getting hitched. The season hasn't aired yet, but the WE network put out a preview last week that showed Amy describing being physically attacked.

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Amy shared in what looked like a group therapy session, "He picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling." Granted, we don't know that she was talking about her hubby, but it's awfully suspect.

Fans that believe Dillon abused Amy like this want her to GTFO now, and we can't blame them for their feelings. Some people have taken to the Duggar family's official Facebook page to plead with Jim Bob Duggar's niece to get a divorce. "If someone who claims to love you is hurting you, run," wrote one. Another added, "If your husband choked you that's not love."

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Agreed. The thing that's likely concerning fans the most is the general Duggar family attitude towards divorce ... i.e., it's allowed in no cases, ever. Look at Anna and Josh -- he blew his family apart with his multiple sex scandals, and Anna has been praised over and over for staying with the jerk.

There's forgiveness, and then there's just plain foolishness.

We're hoping that this scene from Marriage Boot Camp has been taken out of context somehow, but if Amy is really describing Dillon as the person who choked her, we'll give her a ride to divorce court. Because it's time to call that marriage done.

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