13 Qualities That Make Prince Harry the Ideal Husband

Liz Alterman | Dec 22, 2016 Celebrities
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

We've always had a soft spot for this royal, but he just seems to get finer with age. Any lady hoping for her very own fairy tale would agree that the dashing 32-year-old Prince Harry would make an amazing husband. Let us count the ways. 

The lovable red-head has many admirable qualities, which makes him  just about most eligible bachelor in the universe. Let's take a look at a few of his fabulous attributes. 

  • He's Protective

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    In a statement issued by Kensington Palace, Prince Harry urged the media to stop bothering his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle. We love that he's put his privacy aside to protect the woman he cares about -- so sweet.

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  • He's Raising HIV Awareness

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    Prince Harry and singer Rihanna recently took live HIV tests to bring awareness to the need for more widespread testing for the public. We love that he takes his charity work so seriously.

  • He's Sporty

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    Look at that form! Harry was on hand with his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate to raise awareness for the importance of mental health. 

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  • He Samples Native Cuisine

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    While in the Caribbean, Harry sampled the fare at a St. Lucian street festival. And, we should also note he looks awfully good with a tan! We love that he seems at home anywhere in the world.

  • He's Great With Kids

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    Prince Harry visited a Charities Showcase event in the tropical while touring Antigua's capital St. John's. He clearly has his mom's gift for connecting with people. 

  • He Hangs With Celebs

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    Obviously, when you're a prince you get to attend many fancy functions. Harry attended the WellChild Gala Concert and got to meet Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. Oh, to be on his arm for that one!

  • He's Not Afraid to Look Silly

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    Blowing bubbles with a prince is just about every little girl's dream. You can see how comfortable and genuine he is with these adorable kids. 

  • He Looks Great With a Beard

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    If Harry decides to ditch his razor, he still looks positively adorable -- not every guy can pull that off! 

  • He Cares About Animals, the Environment & Conservation

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    The prince worked in Malawi with African Parks as part of an initiative that involved moving 500 elephants over 350 kilometers to a reserve. He's committed to some truly wonderful causes.

  • He's There for His Family

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    Harry is on his way to celebrate the queen's 90th birthday. He looks boyishly handsome all dressed up, doesn't he? Who doesn't love a guy who looks good in a bow tie?

  • He Plays Polo

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    OK, so he'd have to teach us the rules, but, believe me, we're all ears! 

  • He Looks Great in Uniform

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    In May of 2005, Harry enrolled at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to captain in 2011. If you're a sucker for a guy in uniform, you've got to be swooning. 

  • He's a Great Brother

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    Don't you love how Harry and William always seem to be the best of friends? Plus, if you married Harry, you could hang out with Kate Middleton! You can't ask for a cooler or more stylish in-law.

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