Prince Harry Pokes Fun at Prince Charles's Receding Hairline

Mirrorpix/Splash News

Humanitarian heart? Check. Epic sense of humor? Check. No wonder we love this guy! Prince Harry recently joked about Prince Charles's thinning hair while on a royal tour to promote ecotourism -- and we're sure even dear old dad appreciated the ribbing.


People reports that Kate Middleton's brother-in-law was in the Amazon rain forest on Saturday, donning a headdress of colorful feathers, when he made mention of his dad's previous travels to the area.

Prince Charles also visited the Amazon back in 2000, and wore a similar getup to the one Harry sported. Harry joked that his dad had relayed his adventures to the area, saying, "My father told me what an amazing time he had when he was far younger and had more hair as well."

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He also praised the local community leaders, saying, "What you are doing is incredible. Your leadership is so important to ensure the protection of this place. These photos will hopefully end up all over the place to encourage more tourists to come here."

Harry was in in Surama, a remote part of Guyana, as part of a 15-day tour of seven Caribbean countries. Last week he was in Barbados with famed native Rihanna, getting tested for HIV as part of World AIDS Day. He was quite the jokester then too, as he apparently told Rihanna how incredibly painful the tiny needle prick would be.

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We love Harry's sense of humor, and know that he wouldn't dish out anything he couldn't take. Good thing too, since given his genetics, he might not have that full head of lush ginger hair forever. While we adore his dapper brother Prince William, the man isn't exactly known for his thick mane.

Thinning hair or not -- we're pretty sure we'll still be swooning over Harry.

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