Kylie Jenner Poses Half Naked With a Giant Snake

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So this happened. Kylie Jenner has a snake on her ass, and soon will be gracing walls all across America. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star announced her new 2017 calendar, and shared a few racy shots with her fans -- including one of her sexily posing with a giant snake.


The 19-year old announced the project on Sunday night with a snap of the cover. Celebrity photographer Terry Richards did all the pics, and the calendar will be for sale on her website on December 10.

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She also shared the previously mentioned giant snake photo. Has she jumped the shark anaconda? We're not sure, honestly. 

Kylie also shared a couple videos on Snapchat, including her April photo. She showed off a pic of her in her underwear and fishnets, along with 100-dollar bills floating around her, and the caption, "Please Insert Money."

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On the video, she said,"All right, I want to keep the rest of the photos a secret, 'cause I want you guys to be surprised, but this one's April. So f**king bomb, Terry!"

So f**king bomb, indeed.

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