Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Are Hoping to Make Major Bank From Their Wedding

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One minute their marriage is off, the next it's full speed ahead. It's hard to keep up with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's ever-changing relationship, but, as of now, if they do make it to the altar, their nuptials are going to be televised. The pair apparently hasn't set a date yet, but since the birth of Dream, the couple is on solid ground and want to move forward with a wedding. And when Rob and Chyna tie the knot, they want cameras there to capture every moment ... and then pay them big bucks. 


Sources told TMZ that Rob and Chyna haven't set a date yet, but they're looking to do what's best for television, because #romance. Apparently, they're thinking some time next year, but are waiting to see what pans out, business-wise. Shooting the birth of baby Dream, which will air in a few weeks, apparently paid big-time, so they're looking to monetize their wedding, as well. Hopefully, they'll be putting the money away into Dream's college fund. 

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While it certainly doesn't come as a surprise that Rob and Chyna are going to be televising their wedding (it actually would have been more of a surprise if they didn't), their relationship is awfully volatile. One day they're super in love, the next they're deleting each other off of their social media pages. So, if they do sign on for something next year, they -- and producers -- better hope that they're still together then. Otherwise, no one's getting paid. 

From everything that's been reported since Dream has entered the picture, Rob and Chyna are good these days. But as we've all seen, that doesn't mean much just yet -- so here's to hoping these two crazy kids can figure out some sort of situation that works for them long-term.

Fingies and toes crossed.

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