Prince Harry & Rihanna Take HIV Tests Together

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

We couldn't love him anymore if we tried. Prince Harry recently got tested for HIV with Rihanna in her native Barbados, as part of an effort for World AIDS Day. The royal has been a staunch advocate for awareness of the horrific disease over the years, and it looks like he's still going strong to do his best to prevent its spread.


Kensington Palace tweeted a video of Kate Middleton's brother-in-law getting tested, and it looks a lot easier than we expected. Which we guess is exactly why he did it -- to lower the stigma and fear-factor of having it done.

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Harry and Rihanna both went to a drop-in center on Thursday to have blood drawn for the test. It involved a quick finger prick each, but the pop star joked with Harry that he made it sound much worse than that.

"You made it seem like it hurts," she laughed. "It's not as painful as you said this morning."

Of course Harry is no stranger to having the test done -- he did it publicly just months ago on Facebook Live. At the time he said of the test, "It is amazing how quick it is. So whether you're a man, woman, gay, straight, black or white -- even ginger -- why wouldn't you come an have a test?"

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While in Barbados with Rihanna, Harry spoke again about combating HIV and AIDS with testing and treatment with antiretroviral medication. He warned, "Because of the success of these drugs, which is great, we are now suffering from complacency and risk going back 10 or 20 years."

Don't be complacent. Be like Harry. Get yourself tested -- even if you can't do it with Rihanna.

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