Khloe Kardashian Shares Her True Feelings About Being Labeled 'Plus-Sized'


She's never been one to not have an opinion, that's for sure. Khloe Kardashian shared her true feelings about being labeled "plus-sized" recently, and unsurprisingly, she didn't like it much.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star spoke at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit this week, and confessed what it was like to be known as the "fat Kardashian."

At 5'10", Khloe was often photographed dwarfing her sisters Kim (5'3") and Kourtney (5'0"), but we'd hardly call her fat. But you know, people are mean.

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Anyway, Khloe shared, "I'm all for women empowerment, and I used to be someone they used to label plus-size ... F-ck that. I don't want to be called that -- I'm a woman with curves."

She also acknowledged that she never viewed herself as being fat, overweight, or plus-sized in any way. "I was what I would say is average size at the time," she explained. "I was very proud of who I was, and I felt, like, so shamed at the time -- to go into boutiques or go denim shopping.It was something that was super hard for me."

Khloe even said it was embarrassing to go shopping with her petite sisters, which makes us sad, since tall girls rock and shouldn't be made to feel shamed for their statuesque figures.

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Although she's lost a ton of weight over the past couple years thanks to a very strict diet and gym regimen, Khloe still views herself as "a chubby girl." Since we never saw her as chubby to begin with, it's hard to understand why she feels that way, but hey -- what girl hasn't felt less than slim at some point in their life? The weight-loss industry exists for a reason, is all we're saying.

That's one of the reasons Khloe started her denim line, Good American. The brand includes sizes up to 24, and she stated, "I remember the chubby girl in me and I'm fighting for my chubby self." She wants to create jeans that all women can comfortable in, and shared that starting the brand was about "doing something that empowers other women, and something that is really going to break down barriers."

We're proud of you, Khloe! Now stop referring to yourself as chubby. You're gorgeous, and always have been.

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