Duggar Family Shares Holiday Pic of Josh Like It’s NBD


Another Duggar gathering, another Josh sighting. This time, the family posted a picture of Josh Duggar celebrating Thanksgiving with his extended family, while Michelle Duggar wrote about how grateful she was for forgiveness on Facebook.


Not that we're really that surprised, given the amount of forgiveness they are showing Josh by welcoming him back with open arms after all he's done to them.

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It looks like the whole family got together over the holiday weekend, Josh included. Very few pictures of Josh have been seen since he returned from seven months of rehab last spring, and this one seems casually unintentional. Josh is sitting on the floor near several family members, including his wife Anna, who is interestingly not sitting next to him.

Meanwhile, matriarch Michelle Duggar took to social media to sing praises of God's forgiveness. She wrote, "As I look around the room, I am so deeply touched by God's love, His forgiveness, His kindness, His provision, His mercies and His tenderness toward each of us."

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After Josh single-handedly got 19 Kids and Counting cancelled due to his first sex scandal, and then shamed his family even further by getting caught in the Ashley Madison hack and admitting to being unfaithful to Anna, he's certainly lucky to part of such a forgiving family.

Let's just hope he's thankful for that this holiday season.

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